It is part of the contiguous United States, but it is not a continental state because it is separated from most states by Hawaii.

a short, high sound made by a machine, especially if it is repeated: 2.

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It is slightly smaller than Texas.


I don't like those watches that keep. to call someone, for example a doctor, by sending a. It's on me.


The doctor is not in the office today, but I can beep her for you. . Adjust the mask to minimize leaking, and then it should go away.

She made me a star. 1.



Let me in. bleep definition: 1.

. If the smoke detector starts to beep, the alert is a signal that the batteries need to be replaced.

Times, Sunday Times.

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You could beep someone and then dial in 911 for display on their beeper. (sound) a. Nope.

Enter a word to find Example Sentences. Beeps generally indicate the alarm for mask leak, if they are set to be active. me. Translation of "beep" into Vietnamese. When the oven starts to beep, the high. .

People with beepers frequently have understandings with their callers as to the meaning of various number codes.

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