Check Your Lease Agreement.

Breaking a lease and walking off will probably not mean trading your apartment for a.

Whether you have a problem with your landlord, need to move for a new job, or found a better place to live, breaking an apartment lease may have consequences. The first day you're late, your loan's status moves from "current" to "delinquent.


As a landlord, you are generally required to provide notice of the termination of tenancy.

You might hear something you didn’t expect: Maybe there was a bank error, or the tenant simply forgot. You are not required to live there while you are paying rent, fyi. .

Paying the fees or working with your landlord can help you protect.

. You’re active duty military, and are being relocated for work. .

Sometimes you need to get out of the lease earlier than you initially agreed. .


An apartment or home lease obligates you to pay a specific amount of rent for a certain length of time, one or two years for example.

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If there is no early termination clause.